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Here is how it works, you send us your content (as an E-mail), anything entertaining/funny/informative/uncommon, keeping in mind the tone of the Website( www.uselesscrap.cc.cc).

We will review your ' Post ' and publish it with an Ad attached on it, you will also get a unique link to your Post, once it is published by us on www.uselesscrap.cc.cc

Formula No.1-Earning Money Through Adsense-

Before I tell you about this, let me Explain you what is ' Google Adsense ' all about.

We have Advertisers who pay Google to Put their Ads up on their Search Results page AND also on Google Adsense enabled websites!

So once you visit www.google.com/adsense and create an account with them (Its Free of Charge ), you will get a Publisher ID.

Though there are various ways on how to use this Adsense account, which you may explore yourself later, what we will need from you is just that Publisher Id( Take a look at the image below, click on it so it will Enlarge )

No Adsense Account? / Would like to know more about Google Adsense? Visit their page and learn more- www.google.com/adsense

Click on the Image to Enlarge

So we would want you to forward us your post and your Publisher ID. Once we have this information, while publishing your post we will attach a Google Adsense Ad integrated with your Publisher ID on it.

As and when anyone clicks on the Google Adsense Ad on your Post, you can get an amount ranging from $0.05 to $ 7.00 per click ( approximately ). More popular your post is more Valuable is the Ad on it!

More Popular Your Post is, More Money you Earn, once your post is Published, we will send you the Link to your Post(s). You can forward this Link to Maximum friends of yours to get Maximum hits to this Post with your Ad.

Every post is Integrated with a Facebook Like Button, FB Share Button , Google +1 button, email button etc . This gives every post an opportunity to go VIRAL on Social Networks! ( and get more hits! )

No Website at the moment gives you such an Awesome Platform to earn.

Get it now?

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Formula No.2 Got a Website? Facebook Page? Wish to get More Visitors to it?

This Program will help you achieve that!

Instead of the Google Adsense Ads we will have a Link or Banner to your Website or FB Page!

So whenever someone sees the Post sent to us by you, on UselessCrap.cc.cc , they will see an Ad below it of your Website / Page!

*3rd Party Banner/AD Size Restrictions-

A Banner or AD should less than or equal to the following dimensions(Tip- Use MS Paint in Windows to measure)-

Horizontal -. 250px / 468px / 728px

Vertical     -  90px

Acceptance/Approval  of a Content-

The Editor/Admin holds the final right to accept or reject a content.
Its at the Editor's discretion again to approve an Ad/Banner for publishing or no.

In Case your(content provider's) content is accepted but the Banner or Ad is not Accepted you will be advised/informed in advance and the Editor/Admin won't go ahead with the publishing of your content without due permissions from the content provider.

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